About ICHR 2023

The Harmony Centre, is a Centre established under the University Grant Commission Circular No 10/2021 in the University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka in September 2021. The central purpose of the centre is to promote understanding of different religious and ethnicities while promoting the Sri Lankan sprit rather than parochial identities.  It recognizes the message of harmony and reconciliation being relevant today and the need to formulate a multi-dimensional approach to conflict resolution. It develops collaborations with academic institutes in different regions and countries, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promoted by the United Nations, with SDG Goal 4 quality education, Goal 16 pertaining to peace and justice, as well as Goal 17 partnership, it promotes a vision of cultural religious harmony and non-violence, and a vision of academic cultural diversification and develops sustainable research from a global perspective. For this purpose, the objective of the International Conference on Harmony and Reconciliation 2023 (ICHR 2023) is to provide international and regional scholars an opportunity to:

ü  Reflect on the theme of harmony and reconciliation from a historical, theological, economic, social, political, educational, environmental and other perspectives

ü  Meet and reflect critically on the theme of harmony, peace and reconciliation.

ü  Make policy recommendations to faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGO), international development organizations and national organizations.

ü  Publish papers with discussion and conclusion.

ICHR 2023 focuses on the theme of “Harmony and Development through Knowledge and Innovation towards Nation Building” providing an opportunity to review the past years and chart further directions in fostering peace and harmony based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.