The Centre for students’ Accessibility Services of the University of Vavuniya was established in 30th December 2021. It was established based on the University Grants commission letter dated

 03rd December 2020. The purpose of the Centre is to facilitate the differentially abled to carry out their day-to-day activities and support them to earn their living.    

Therefore, the University of Vavuniya strongly believes that if such a support center is established, it could provide various services such as human helpers, access to physical resources etc. in order to carry out smooth academic activities for the disabled people. Hence, it does hope to protect and promote the rights of education of the disabled through the established support center.


The overall goal of establishing the support centre is to protect the education rights of differently-abled people by providing them barrier-free university society with environmental, attitudinal, communicational, cultural, institutional and policy settings.


  1. To improve barrier-free access for differently-abled people in the university.
  2. To encourage all the stakeholders to take positive steps toward differently-abled
  3. To provide non-formal education for differently-abled people in the region.
  4. To empower all the stakeholders to contribute meaningful considerations to differently-abled people.
  5. To arrange cultural programs, sports, conferences, seminars, workshops, training programmes, research initiatives for students with special needs.
  6. To establish a network and interconnection with the national and international centers for the differently-abled.


  1. Allocating block of land for the center in the university.
  2. Constructing the buildings with full accessibility for the differently-abled people.
  3. Purchasing proper tools, equipment, furniture etc. for differently-abled people
  4. Reserving some percentage of cadre for qualified differently-abled people when filling vacancies.
  5. Making publicity for the center and its facilities among the students, staff, and public to make the center approachable and public to make the center approachable.
  6. Conducting sports activities for disabled students at regional and national levels.

Management Committee

  1. Director
  2. Council Member/UGC Appointed
  3. Senate Representative (01)
  4. Student Representative (03 Member)
  5. Member/Outside university

Human Resources

The human resources are

  1. Head of the center i.e Director
  2. Center coordinator/disability adviser/psychosocial counsellor
  3. Management Assistant
  4. Computer instructor
  5. Technicians
  6. Work Aide