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Not only in Sri Lanka but also throughout the world, the persons with disabilities have socially, politically and economically been marginalized during the past few decades and they have become dependent on the society or their family. They are even deprived of the possibility to enjoy their fundamental rights including health, education, economic stability and independent living which are enjoyed by the other citizens in the society.

The disabled community with franchise consists of approximately 1.2 million out of 20.2 million of the country population and however, they are not included in the decision-making process and the policy making process, and their participation and representation are not guaranteed, depicting the negligence of the country towards the disabled community.

As a responsible higher education institution of the country, University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka has deeply observed these conditions prevailing in the society. The university has observed several challenges faced by the staff and undergraduates with disability in other universities, even in Vavuniya campus of University of Jaffna due to lack of access to carry out their academic activities. On the other hand, the university has well noted that the international community is also always encouraging in general and the high education institutions including universities to protect and promote the rights of education of the students with disability and working rights of staff with disability.

Since Sri Lanka had signed the United Nations Convention of Rights of Persons with Disability (UNCRPD) in 2007 and Sri Lankan parliament had ratified it in 2016, all universities including University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka have great obligation to follow the education rights of undergraduates with disability, prescribed in article no. 24 of UNCRPD.

In the meantime, the Sri Lankan University Grant Commission (UGC) also has high disability concern in its mandate and encourages all universities to establish a special service center for persons with disabilities in universities.

Considering all above, the university of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka strongly believed that if a special service center is established it could provide various services such as human helpers, access physical resources etc. in order to carry out smooth academic activities by the staff and undergraduates with disability. Hence, it hoped to protect and promote the rights of education of undergraduates with disability through the established center.

Based on above said reasons, it established a special service center in the name of “Support Center for Persons with Disabilities (SCPD)” in March 2022. It is worthy to note that, at the first meeting of SCPD held on 25th of March, 2022, the Vice Chancellor Dr. T. Mangaleswaran highlighted the importance of having such a center at the university as a major higher educational institute of Sri Lanka. He further added that, this will benefit not only staff and the students of the university but also the community in region.

Now the established center has been providing its special services to staff and students with disability and would like to expand its services towards other community members with disability in the region.

Motto Vision Mission

The motto
“Our disability makes our ability”
The vision
“To be the best disable friendly University without environmental, attitudinal, institutional and policy, communicational or cultural barrier which may be root cause of violation of education rights of students with disability and working rights of staff with disability”
The mission
“Making accessibilities and other facilities for all, especially focusing on persons with disability in order to protect and promote the education rights of students with disability and working rights of Staff with disability”

The Goal and Objectives

The overall goal of this center is to protect and promote the education rights of the students with disability and working rights of the staff with disability by providing them barrier free university society.

To achieve this goal, the center has the following specific objectives
1. To operate well equipped special services center for staff, students, and community members with disability.
2. To run such established center successfully along with university’s day to day operation.

1. Medical rehabilitation related activities: Supports for medical screening, continuous medical treatments, physiotherapy, psychosocial counseling etc.
2. Social rehabilitation related activities:

  • a. Supports for education, sports, cultural activities etc.
  • b. Economical rehabilitation related activities:
  • c. Supports for 3% allocation in university employment opportunities etc.
Key Interventions and Status
1. Formation and function of SCPD committee- completed.
2. Physical establishment of SCPD- completed.
3. Survey on persons with disability- started and ongoing.
4. Organizing awareness workshops for the staff and students- started and ongoing.
5. Development and implementation of 3% disability inclusion in employment opportunity in the university- started and ongoing.
6. Disability inclusion in university sports activities- not yet started.
7. Encouragement for disability inclusion in all faculties- not yet started.
8. Development of networks with national and international universities, other higher education institutions and donors- started and ongoing.
9. Initiating short term courses on disability by university- not yet started.

Management Committee
Mrs. P. Godwin PhillipDirector/SCPD, University of Vavuniya
Dr. M. MalaravanMember Council Nominee and Eye surgeon, Jaffna Teaching Hospital.
Dr. K. NanthakumaranMember and Deputy Provincial Director of Health Services- Northern Province.
Dr. P. SaththiyalingamMember and University Medical Officer, University of Vavuniya.
Mr. V. SubramaniamCenter Coordinator and Member- Member of National Council for Persons with Disabilities.
M/s. P. ThavakirubaSecretary and Asst Registrar, Administration, University of Vavuniya.
Mr. V. VinoharanMember, Lecturer, Faculty of Technological Studies, University of Vavuniya.
M/s. D. KulendranMember and Management Assistant, University of Vavuniya.
Mr. KodeeswaranMember and Lab Technician, University of Vavuniya.
Ms.K.P.S. Pabasara KeerthirathneMember, Student, University of Vavuniya.
Mr. W. M. N. B. K. WeerakkonMember, Student, University of Vavuniya.
Mr. V. Subramaniam – Center Coordinator/SCPD, University of Vavuniya.
Ms. R. Puvenendiran – Faculty Coordinators, Faculty of Technological Studies
Mr. S. Arujunan – Faculty Coordinators, faculty of Applied Science.
Ms. S. Piriyatharshan – Faculty Coordinators, Faculty of Business Studies.
Contact Details
Postal address SCPD, University of Vavuniya, Pambaimadu, Mannar road, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka.
mail scpd@vau.ac.lk
The coordinator +94773245739


Mrs. P. Godwin Phillip

Director / SCPD

mail : scpd@vau.ac.lk

TP : +94 24 2228234

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