• Notice to the Students and Staff

    University of Vavuniya appointed a Counsellor to provide the counselling service for thestudents and the staff.Counsellor is available at University Medical Centre (Health Centre) every Friday from 8.30am to 4.00 […]

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Welcome to the Well-Being Centre

University of Vavuniya established the well-Being centre to take care of the wellbeing of the student and staff community of University of Vavuniya. The main purpose of establishing this Centre is to provide a special care for the students who are in need of enriching the mental health and wellbeing. The students are entering to the university soon after completing their school education, from various parts of the country. The students may be in a stress condition while entering into a new environment, coping up with their studies, attending examinations, mingling with colleagues, adopting them with social life or experiencing/ facing some other issues. And also the prevailing economic crisis in the country and their financial status may cause stress on them. This Centre is working for the needy students to make them feel better and adopt themselves to the learning environment with happiness.