University of Vavuniya is calling for applications for research grants for the year 2021 to promote high-quality research among staff. The purpose of the research grants is to facilitate innovative and collaborative research and to make the research outcomes benefitted to the national development.

  1. Eligibility: Permanent academic staff members in the university who are eligible for research allowance under the Establishment circular No 5/2014 (i) and 5/2014 (ii) dated 28.05.2014 and 30.05.2014 respectively.
  2. Amount of Fund: Upto 0.8 million per research grant
  3. Period of award: 12 months, with the possible extension of 6 months  
  4. Application process: Duly filled three application forms available on UREC website and submit to Head of the Department on or before the deadline.
  5. Acceptance: The acceptance will be given after the external review process based on the impact of the research and the quality of the proposal.
  6. Monitoring progress: Bi-annual progress reports should be submitted during the award period. The final report should be submitted at the end of 18 months.

Submission Deadline: 28th of February 2022. 


  1. Application form can be downloaded on
  2. ‘Conditions for the research grant’ are available on