Hostel facilities are provided for a limited number of students by the University. The University of Vavuniya has four hostels to offer for accommodation. Hostels are situated within the University premises and outside rented houses. The total capacity of this hostel accommodation is 1000 students. The university provides 70 No of students’ accommodation at the rented houses. The students should pay hostel rent at the beginning of every academic year. Selected students should report to the hostel on the given date. The Warden appoints the hostel committee at the beginning of every academic year. Warden is the Senior Member of the academic staff, and they are responsible for the disciplinary matters in hostels under the guidance and control of the Vice-Chancellor.

The Student and Welfare Division provides residential facilities for undergraduate students recovers hostel fees & fines for damages from accommodated students. In addition, it assigns the full-time sub-wardens to the hostels.

Common Conditions and Rules and Regulations for Residential Students

  1. The relevant sub-warden does the allocation of rooms for students.
  2. Resident students should occupy the rooms assigned to them and should not change rooms without the permission of the sub-wardens.
  3. A special permit issued to occupy the relevant room of the hostels should be kept safely and produced whenever necessary.
  4. Before taking over the room, each student is expected to check the goods in the room and their condition and sign the register. All students occupying the rooms will be jointly responsible for the content of the rooms.
  5. Any goods handed over should not be removed from the hostel. Likewise, though permitted within university premises, the students should not take any other goods to the rooms without approval.
  6. Students should come to the hostels at least by 7.00 pm. Also, they should respect the privacy of other students.
  7. No students should disturb others in the room or outside.
  8. Students should not give accommodation facilities to a member of the university or outside without the permission of the full-time sub warden/warden.
  9. No student should change the furniture in rooms without the permission of the full-time sub-warden/warden.
  10. The students shouldn’t keep the rooms’ furniture on the balcony or outside the rooms.
  11. They should be responsible individually and collectively for the furniture in a room where more than one student is living. The responsible person or persons will be charged for lost or damaged furniture.
  12. Students should not keep any other instrument of the hostel except what is given to them for personal use.
  13. Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms. Rooms should be swept daily, and the waste should be kept outside the entrance to the room so that the cleaning staff of the hostel can remove it.
  14. Residents should keep noise levels to a minimum from 9.30 pm to 6.00 am.
  15. Residents are not permitted to play any musical instruments, listen to the radio or watch television between 9.30 pm, and 6.00 am.
  16. All the students of the hostels should obey the above rules and regulations. The warden has the power to punish the students who violate these rules and regulations.
  17. The University authority can suspend the students’ right to use the hostel accommodated for any valid reason for a certain period.
  18. Whenever such punishment is imposed, it is recorded in their personal file, and the parents/guardians of the students are informed.

Notice – Calling for Application for Hostel Accommodation Before 26/02/2024