Faculty of Technological Studies

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


IQAC of the Faculty of Technological Studies comprises of a committee of academic staff members under the purview of Dean of the faculty. IQAC regularly plans and monitors quality assurance activities and give guidance on good practices among staff and students of the faculty in liaison with other related units and committees within the Faculty such as Curriculum a Development Committee and Research Committee. IQAC Coordinator regularly reports to the Faculty Board on the quality assurance activities. FQAC is responsible for writing self-evaluation reports (SER) for external reviews for the faculty in Programme Review and assisting the University in Institutional Review. The aim of the IQAC is to ensure the quality of academic output of the faculty by monitoring the compliance with policies and by laws, and to promote the best practices in academic and administrative processes. Best practices identified in several criteria which were developed by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) and the University Grant Commission (UGC) and established national accreditation for university programs. The standards were created by quality specialists mostly from the academic and industrial sectors, and they provide a foundation for building quality systems as well as making customer-visible quality initiatives.

Term of Reference (TOR)
• To facilitate implementation of QA related policies of the University.
• To promote quality enhancement activities (Academic Quality Enhancement Framework) within the faculty liaising with Departments and faculty sub committees.
• To liaise with the IQAU, QAC of University Grants Commission and the University Grants Commission in facilitating the conduct of external programme reviews in the faculty.
• To facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in institution/programme review reports, monitor progress in their implantation and report to the QAMC in this regard.
• To liaise with quality assurance bodies in other higher educational institutions, to share good practices and enhance the quality of higher education in the faculty.
• To support and monitor implementation of learning activities and assessments that promote the development of socio-emotional skills among students.
• To facilitate preparation of self-evaluation reports for programme reviews.
• Monitoring the student feedback mechanism for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.
• The IQAC shall co-ordinate the preparation of the Annual Work Plan
for the Faculty IQAC and a Strategic Plan for QA activities for the Faculty.
• The IQAC shall ensure the necessary academic regulations/By–laws are
in place, within the Faculty if not make recommendation for remedial action.
• The IQAC shall maintain a repository of evidence at faculty level for the Institutional Reviews and Programme Reviews.

Composition of the Coordinating Committee
• Dean/Faculty of Technological Studies as the Chair
• Head/Department of Information and Communication Technology
• Coordinator/Internal Quality Assurance Cell
• Chairperson/Curriculum Development Committee
• Chairperson/Research Committee
• Deputy Proctor
• Student Counselors
• Academic representatives
• Senior Assistant Librarian
• Non-academic representative from department:
• Two student representatives: Nominated by Students’ Union
• Assistant Registrar /Faculty of Technological Studies as the Secretary of the committee
Present Committee
Chair Mr.D.S.S.Suthaharan, Dean, Faculty of Technological Studies
Coordinator Mr.V.Senthooran, Head, Department of ICT.
Deputy Proctor Ms.N.Lojenaa Lecturer (Prob),Department of ICT
Student Counsellor Ms.P.Rukshani Lecturer (Prob),Department of ICT
Academic Representatives Ms.W.A.S.C.Perera Lecturer (Prob) Department of ICT   Ms.A.F.Sharfana Lecturer (Prob) Department of ICT
Senior Assistant Librarian   Mr.S.Shanmugathasan, Senior Assistant Librarian University of Vavuniya
Non – academic representative Mr.S.Shirajan, Technical Officer, Department of ICT
Secretary Mr.P.Krishnanathan Acting Assistant Registrar Faculty of Technological Studies