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The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of the University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka was established by University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka. The CGU functioning under the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Vavuniya and Director CGU responsible for the career guidance programmes, seminars and workshops based on the needs of the undergraduates. CGU of university plays a critical role in preparing students for the work by equipping them with the skills to remain competitive in the global economy and lead meaningful and productive lives. Our University Career Guidance Unit programmers can have a positive impact on our university students’ educational, career decisions and academic performance.

Further CGU, helps undergraduates to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications and abilities. It helps them to understand the labour market and education systems and to relate this to what they know about themselves. The CGU activities give guidance to undergraduates to plan and make decisions about work and learning. Based on that knowledge, one can access information about the labour market and educational opportunities by organizing it, systematizing it and retrieving as and when required. CGU would help students to make transitions to the working world. Availability of career guidance facilities can improve the efficiency of the education system enabling those who complete education to find labour. As a result, unemployment among the youth could be lowered since the process can match individual talents and qualifications with the skills and qualifications demanded by employers. Therefore, today’s our graduates need to be in a superior positioning in the area of personal development with better communication skills and the ability to be a team player in order to build up their competitive advantage in the corporate market in order to succeed.

We at CGU also provide opportunities for our graduates to secure employment in the reputed public sector and as well as in the private sector companies and thereby set the stage for both graduates and the industry to benefit mutually.

  • Providing students career counseling
  • Providing students career counseling
  • Making students equip with networking
  • Providing work place experience
  • Helping students to find industrial placements
  • Guide students and improve their career skills by integrating career guidance course units into the curricular
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Postal address Career Guidance Unit, Balakrishnan block, University of Vavuniya, Mannar Road, Pampaimadu.
Director +94779203383
Counselor +94774683308
mail cgcounselor@vau.ac.lk

Mrs. J. S. Thevaruban


mail : s.t.janaki@vau.ac.lk

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mail : cgcounselor@vau.ac.lk

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