Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Krishna Prasanth, Level 3 student, from the Faculty of Technological Studies, University of Vavuniya, for being selected as the First volunteer of a project under the theme of “Youth-run Organization on leadership development “of Green Asian Voice Council, New Delhi, India, in Association with AIESEC, Sri Lanka. He has worked as a volunteer (Front-end Developer & Environmental volunteer) for 3 months and he acquired lot of experiences from this project and earned the internship opportunity also.

Green Asian Voice Council, an international non-profit Organization intends to create an unpolluted, clean and healthy green environment by promoting all possible measures to reduce poisonous Carbon emissions and thereby finding a remedy for the most unfortunate drastic effects of air pollution.

The mission of the council is to create awareness about this global disaster and introduce all new measures to overcome this herculean task by implementing projects that replace maximum diesel and petrol vehicles to electric vehicles, coal firing power plants to solar thermal power plants, burning of agricultural waste to latest machineries without burning and much more activities for reducing air pollution in all possible sectors.

Green Asian Voice Council Promotes Electric Vehicles, the stage is fully set to replace the millions of diesel and petrol vehicles especially the online cabs and three wheelers to electric vehicles which will be the real initial initiative for the multiplication of electric vehicles.

Green Asia Voice Council invited prestigious volunteers from 120 countries on becoming a part of Green Revolution Movement. Green Asia Voice Council is ready to support the University to inaugurate the Green Asian Voice organization in the university of Vavuniya.