University Level Instructions to follow during the pandemic-Covid-19 

  • Every staff members & students should submit the photo copy of vaccination card /Vaccination certificate to the health center before 1st of February
  • All who enter into the University premises should disinfect their hands using Sanitizer or water & soap.
  • Every staff member & student should wear face mask indoor & outdoor in the university premises.
  • Every staff members & students should undergo a temperature check at all university entrance.
  • Anyone with the temperature 37oC or more should be notified to the health center immediately and keep a record.

 Record sheet -1

  • All patients visit health center with fever will undergo RAT examination.
  • All RAT positive cases will be notified to VC f.i, and AR/SW, sub wardens, MOH/V and area PHI for necessary action.
  • All RAT positive patients will be isolated in the isolation unit of the university until necessary arrangements made.
  • Sub warden responsible for the isolation center should coordinate with the health authorities(PHI)/Parents and send them to the treatment center/home by ambulance or private vehicle.
  • RAT positive students who are clinically well and without complications can be kept in the university isolation center only for the purpose of examination with the approval of the vice chancellor.
  • First line contacts of the RAT positive patient*should be quarantined for 07days as per the guidelines of MoH at the quarantine center of the university only to sit exam with the approval of the vice Chancellor or send home for 07 days by private/personal transport.
  • A vehicle (Trishaw) should be available at the university 24×7 to transport the sick and positive patients/First line contacts.

*1st line contact:

  1. Face to face contact with a probable or positive case within 1 meter & for at least 15 minutes 
  2. Direct physical contact with a probable or confirm positive case
  3. Direct care for a patient with probable or confirmed Covid-19 disease without the use of recommended PPE.

Exposure must have occurred during the infectious period of the case:

  1. Exposure to a symptomatic case- 2days before and 5days after onset of symptoms
  2. Exposure to a asymptomatic case- 2days before and 5days after the date on which the sample that led to confirmation was taken.

The above is prepared for internal circulation only