Location: TLH 1 Hall, Faculty of Technological Studies, University of Vavuniya (UOV)

The third and final day of the Asia Pacific Peace Research Conference commenced with registration at 8:00 AM, followed by the arrival of guests at the Conference Main Hall. The traditional lamp was lit to symbolize the enlightenment and wisdom sought through the conference. A captivating welcome dance welcomed the attendees, setting the tone for the day’s events.

The Convener of APPRAC 2024 delivered a warm welcome address, expressing gratitude to all participants for their contribution towards promoting peace and sustainability. This was followed by an inaugural address by Prof. Manjushri Sharma from Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune, Maharashtra, India, emphasizing the importance of peace education in fostering a harmonious society.

Prof. Premakumara De Silva from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the SRCs, University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka, delivered a special guest speech, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in peace research and education. Cultural performances added vibrancy to the session, showcasing the rich heritage of the region.

Guest of Honor speech was delivered by Prof. Liu Cheng from Nanjing University, China, highlighting the significance of international collaboration in peacebuilding efforts.

Emeritus Professor S. Pathmanathan, Chancellor of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, delivered a keynote speech on ‘History and Coexistence in Sri Lanka’, providing valuable insights into the complexities of reconciliation and coexistence in the region.

A panel discussion on ‘Advancing Peace Research and Education: Challenges faced and lessons learned’ provided a platform for insightful dialogue on overcoming obstacles and sharing best practices in peace research and education.

Following a tea break, participants engaged in an exploratory session on ‘Establishing an Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka’, facilitated by Dr. M Arumugam, Dr. Senthan Selvarajah, Mr. K Jeyaraj, and Ms. S. Mathangie, aimed at fostering inclusive economic development and peacebuilding initiatives.

Parallel technical sessions covering diverse thematic areas were conducted across various venues within the university, facilitating in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange among participants.

The day proceeded with an afternoon tea break, allowing participants to network and reflect on the insights gained throughout the conference. The event concluded with a validatory session by Prof. Aslam Gan and Prof. Jeyasingham, followed by the conference closing remarks by the four co-chairs and the Convener, marking the successful culmination of the APPRAC 2024 conference. Overall, Day 3 of the conference provided a platform for robust discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, furthering the objectives of promoting peace and sustainability in the Asia-Pacific region.