Career Guidance Session held on August 23, 2023, at the SH 4 Hall, Soosairatnam Block, University of Vavuniya. This session was organized to provide valuable guidance to both graduates and undergraduates who are actively seeking opportunities for foreign employment. The workshop was conducted with the generous support of YOULEAD’s Skilled and Resilient Migrant Worker’s (SRMW) project.

The Occupational Career Guidance Session was designed to address the aspirations and queries of individuals who are interested in pursuing foreign employment. With a focus on skilled and resilient migration, the session aimed to equip participants with essential information and insights into various aspects of overseas employment.

Mr.Nirosha Happuharachi, Director, Skills and Guidance, was Resource Persons, he Esteemed experts and professionals in the field of foreign employment were invited to share their insights. They provided valuable guidance on job market trends, required skills, legal aspects, cultural adaptation, and more.

 The event featured interactive workshops that facilitated discussions on the challenges and opportunities related to foreign employment. Participants engaged in group activities, case studies, and discussions that encouraged active participation and learning.

The Occupational Career Guidance Session achieved its goal of providing valuable insights and guidance to aspiring individuals seeking foreign employment opportunities.