Calling Application for Research Grant – 2022. Read below

The Research and Ethical committee of the University of Vavuniya (UoV) was established in September 2021 as per the section 46 (6) (vii) of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978. The purpose of the committee is to promote research, scholarship and innovations to the researchers of the UoV in multidisciplinary field, ensure ethical standards and facilitates to disseminate the research outcomes in local, national and international level. Further, it promotes contribution towards regional and national development through nurturing knowledge based society with better understanding towards sustainable development.


  • to satisfy the regional and national requirements through problem based research activities
  • to facilitate researchers to perform quality innovative research
  • to promote collaborative research activities with other recognized universities or research institutions.
  • to facilitate researchers in disseminating their research outcomes in national/international research forums and conferences
  • to enhance the research skills of the staff through capacity development programs
  • to ensure the ethical standards in research towards beneficial outcomes


ChairpersonDr. (Mrs). Sukanyah Devaisy
Faculty Representatives
Faculty of Applied scienceMr. S . Thirukumaran
Dr. S . Wijeyamohan
Dr. S. Kirushanth
Faculty of Business studiesDr. G. Jeyaseelan
Ms. P . M. Godwinphilip
Dr. A . Rukshan
Faculty of Technological studiesMs. P . Rukshani
Ms. Sharfana
Chairpersons of Faculty Research Committee
Faculty of Applied science Dr. R. Nagulan
Faculty of Business studies Prof. A. Pushpanathan
Faculty of Technological studies Mr. V. Senthooran
LibrarianMr. S. Shanmugathasan
BursarMr. L . Ram Ramanan
Convener/SecretaryMr. Gnanabaskaran,
Deputy Registrar(Acting),
Academic Affairs and Publication

Calling Applications for Research grants – 2022

University of Vavuniya is calling for applications for research grants for the year 2021 to promote high-quality research among staff. The purpose of the research grants is to facilitate innovative and collaborative research and to make the research outcomes benefitted to the national development.

  1. Eligibility: Permanent academic staff members in the university who are eligible for research allowance under the Establishment circular No 5/2014 (i) and 5/2014 (ii) dated 28.05.2014 and 30.05.2014 respectively.
  2. Amount of Fund: Upto 0.8 million per research grant
  3. Period of award: 12 months, with the possible extension of 6 months  
  4. Application process: Duly filled three application forms available on UREC website and submit to Head of the Department on or before the deadline.
  5. Acceptance: The acceptance will be given after the external review process based on the impact of the research and the quality of the proposal.
  6. Monitoring progress: Bi-annual progress reports should be submitted during the award period. The final report should be submitted at the end of 18 months.

New Submission Deadline: 4th of April 2022


  • The application form can be downloaded here
  • Conditions for the research grant are available here

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