The third Faculty Annual Research Session (FARS 2022) of the Faculty of Applied Science, University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka was held on November 03, 2022. The theme of FARS2022 was “A gateway towards Modern Science”. The FARS 2022 called for extended abstracts submissions from academics and research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

The second Annual Student Research Congress (ASRC2022) has also conducted as a part of FARS2022. ASRC2022 was funded by AHEAD ELTA-ELSE, Faculty Development Project, Faculty of Applied Science, University of Vavuniya.  Undergraduates from Sri Lankan universities are encouraged to contribute to ASRC2022 by submitting their research works in the form of abstracts and posters. For FARS2022 and ASRC2022 research outcomes either in the form of extended abstracts or abstracts were called under following tracks:

  • Track 1: Agriculture, Forestry and Biodiversity
  • Track 2: Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Track 3: Environmental Science and Climate change
  • Track 4: Mathematics and Statistics
  • Track 5: Natural Sciences
  • Track 6: Software Engineering and Information systems

Prof. Terrence Madhujith, Chair Professor of Food Science and Technology from University of Peradeniya and Dr. Sivananthan Sarasanandarajah, Senior Scientist, Peter Mac Callum Cancer & Research Institute, Australia Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Australia were served as the keynote speakers for FARS2022.

Inauguration ceremony of FARS2022 and Poster session of ASRC2022 were held in person. For the oral presentations, pre-recorded presentations were obtained from authors and the technical sessions were conducted via zoom (Presentations and Q&A session).