The Commercial Bank of Ceylon embarked on an ambitious nationwide tree plantation campaign to plant 100,000 trees across with Sri Lanka with simultaneous programs in 17 Locations. The Commercial Bank in Vavuniya recently organized the tree plantation program with the tone of “Trees for Tomorrow’’ under the one lakh tree plantation project in collaboration with the University of Vavuniya on 11th November 2023 at University premises with the participation of the Prof. T. Mangaleswaran/ Vice Chancellor, Mr. R. Sivaganam/ Northern Regional Manager of the Commercial Bank, Mr. N. Rajavishahan/ Registrar, branch managers of the Northern province and the bank staffs, University staffs and students. The event is organized by Mr. T. Yogachandra, Manager, Commercial Bank. Vavuniya with the Co-ordination of the Mr. T. Raguram/ Curator (Landscape), University of Vavuniya.

The goal of the program was to encourage environmental conservation and sustainable practices. As part of this effort, the bank donated plant saplings (50 Saplings – Bauhinia purpurea) and facilitated the installation of drip irrigation systems for the 100 saplings of the exist one (Palmyrah, Tabebuia spp. & Jacaranda Trees) and proposed one (Bauhinia purpurea).

The program started with the bank providing a generous donation of various types of plant saplings to the university. These saplings were carefully selected to ensure a diverse range of tree species. The objective was to promote ecological balance and enhance the region’s biodiversity.

Additionally, the bank supported the university by funding the installation of drip irrigation systems. This irrigation method ensures optimal water usage by allowing water to be directly delivered to the plant roots, reducing water wastage and promoting efficient plant growth. The bank further provided the required materials for the installation, ensuring the success of the drip irrigation project.

The tree plantation program aimed not only to create a greener environment but also to raise awareness and inspire the local community about the importance of tree conservation. By collaborating with the University of Vavuniya, the Commercial Bank demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Through this initiative, the bank and the university fostered a positive impact on the community, contributing to a more sustainable and healthier ecosystem.