1. Dr. T. Mangaleswaran, Vice chancellor – Chairman of the Advisory Board
  2. Dr. P. Malathy, Director/ UBL
  3. Mr. L. Ramramanan, Bursar, UoV
  4. Mr. R. Jeyamanon, Senior Deputy Director, Jaffna Regional Office, BOI
  5. Ms. K. Thushiya, Assistant Director, Department of Industry, Northern Province
  6. Dr. V. Sarveswaran, Managing Director, Ananthi Dairy Products, Ananthi Hotel, Ananthi Health Care, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka
  7. Mr. R. Loganathan, Executive Officer, Business Consultancy Services, Sri Lanka
  8. Dr.(Mrs.) Shanthi Segarajasingham, Retired Professor in Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo – Attorney-at-Law
  9. Mr. J. Mariampillai, Sr. Advisor to the director: Program on Peace Building and Rights, Columbia university, NYC, USA
  10. Dr. N. Pitigala – Consultant, World Bank
  11. Dr. (Ms.) A. Nanthakumaran, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science
  12. Dr. Y. Nanthagopan, Dean, Faculty of Business Studies
  13. Mr. D. S. S. Suthaharan, Dean, Faculty of Technological Studies