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Regional RepresentationPonds and Tanks,
Paddy beads with shafts
Cultural RepresentationDrum or Tabor with beating sticks and belt decor
Higher Education RepresentationLustre
Lotus and nine petals in layers,
Straps and Knots
Moving waves in the water
MottoWisdom steers the mind towards the good

Regional Representation:

Ponds and Tanks
Ponds and Tanks represent the natural resource and their contribution to regional livelihoods, productivity and development.

Paddy beads with shafts
Paddy beads with shafts represent the agricultural yields of this regional food productivity. It is a primary staple food and regional contribution to the sustainable livelihood of the country. Sixty-four beads connote 64 artistic learning fields and forms available.

Cultural Representation:

Drum or Tabor with beating sticks and belt décor
Drum or Tabor is a cultural musical instrument for public communication in the history of human civilization and Sri Lankan civilization. It represents the essential nature of the socio-cultural and educational creation and transmission of positive knowledge, skills and attitudes. The belt décor represents the continuation of the regional artistic and aesthetic traditions and learning on par with scientific, technological and social learning.

Higher Education Representation:

Lustre originating from a flame of theepam is the utilization of burning good oil. It removes ignorance and enlightens wisdom and understanding. Thus, the university utilizes its resources and reproduces creative and critical knowledge.

Lotus and nine petals in layers
The white lotus represents education. The nine petals represent the multi-disciplinary nature of education. The cross-cutting layers of the petals represent creating and introducing new knowledge and disciplines from multi-disciplinary approaches. The petal lines visualizing two eyes and thilaham reinforce concentration and realization.

Straps and Knots
Straps and Knots represent the modern trend and indispensable need for data networks applicable to modern disciplines. Therefore it symbolizes the best indicator of higher education and research. Thus, data Science application facilitates the advancement of science, social science, arts, humanities and technology. Moreover, the Knots further connote the vocoid vital sounds available in language.

Moving waves in the water
Moving waves in the water represent dynamic social, economic and human transformation through continuously updated university education.