Young inventors club, University of Vavuniya was established in September 2021 under the guidance of Sri Lanka Inventors commission (Circular No. SLIC/PROJ/INVCLUB-2021) to enhance the innovative culture and creativity among students. This facilitates the students to engage in research works in finding solutions for prevailing problems faced by the society as well as to motivate the students to construct new ideas more openly and with innovation. Thereby, this will improve the wellbeing of the society and moreover contribute to the future national economy.


  1. Promote and encourage creativity among students
  2. Provide opportunities and facilities to unleash their innovations without hindrance
  3. Master the use of students’ understanding of science and technology
  4. Involvement of young inventors in innovation and exhibitions
  5. Establishment of a reciprocal relationship between the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission and the students
  6. Facilitate to obtain patents for inventions, focusing on research opportunities and upgrading to prototypes on the basis of relative merit
  7. Introduce practical application of scientific theories and the importance of producing innovations of commercial value

Office Bearers of Young Inventors’ Club

DesignationNameContact NoEmail
Patron 01Dr.T.Mangaleswaran,
Vice Chancellor, University of Vavuniya
077 453
Patron 02Dr.Mrs.A.Nanthakumaran
Dean, Faculty of Applied Science.
077 714
Senior Lecturer Gr II, Department of Bio Science.
076 755
Vice PresidentMr.V.Senthooran,
Head, Department of Information Communication Technology.
077 210
Head, Department of Project Management
077 774
SecretaryG.D.S. Ravindu Gimras071 870
Assistant SecretaryP. Kojiga075 524
EditorP.Jinoshanth075 236
Committee Members (01)H.R.N.K.Wickramasooriya076 393
Committee Members (02)S.Elakkiya076 217
Committee Members (03)P.Niroshan077 008
Committee Members (04)M.A.Nus1a nahar077 537
Committee Members (05)K.L.S.Chathuranga077 601
Committee Members (06)J.P.S.L.Jayasinghe077 685
Committee Members (07)R.Rafaya076 396