Assistant Registrar / Administration 

T.P No : 0 24 22 23316

Fax No :  024 22 22265

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The Administration Branch provides the essential services–people, facilities, and management–that support the living, learning, and working experiences of the university community and are required for smooth functioning of the University

Main Functions :
  • Maintaining the Master Inventory of the University
  • Annual Board of Survey on Fixed assets will be coordinated and carried out by this division and further action will be taken to dispose the discarded items
  • Rehabilitation of buildings are handling by this division as per the Procurement Guidelines and Manuals.
  • Handling all matters related to utility services such as; water, electricity, postal, courier and telecommunication services
  • Providing transport facilities to the Staff and Students for the Academic and Administrative purposes & Vehicle maintaining vehicles through Transport Unit
  • Coordination of matters related to security services (both internal and outsources) and all matters connected thereto through Security Unit
  • Procurement, coordination and supervision of cleaning and janitorial services and Coordination of Gully removals
  • Coordination of matters related to labor outsource services
  • Procurement and coordination matters related to construction of buildings and other infrastructures.
  • Procurement committee regarding rehabilitation and other works
  • Leasing / Purchasing of House / Land.
  • Maintenance of Waste water treatment plants and Environmental protection license
  • Quarters, Guest house and housing facilities
  • Maintaining records of the University Land and Property

Supportive Staff

Management Assistant

Management Assistant

Mr. S.Logaprasath
Management Assistant

Mr.Sivarasa Piranavan
Management Assistant

Security Staff

Mr. P. Thevathayalan
Security Inspector



Mr. J.F.Jazrin

Mr. S. Vijitharan