Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University of Vavuniya was established on 01.10.2021 in complying with the Commission Circular No.09/2019. CQA’s administrative and financial controls were managed through a standing committee of the Senate of the University Vavuniya.

The CQA is headed by a Director, who is guided by the standing committee of the senate. The Senate standing committee on Quality Assurance Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University as per the guidelines issued by the UGC in this regard. The Deputy Registrar, Academic Affairs as he the Secretary to the Committee. The Faculty level Quality Assurance activities are managed by the Faculty Quality Assurance Cells as per the Quality Assurance By-Laws.


Centre for Quality Assurance of the University of Vavuniya Looks up to achieving excellence in undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes to strengthen the ranking at national and Global scale.


Create and activate a concrete quality assurance system in all the components of the higher education system at the University of Vavuniya and sustain the process of continuous improvements for all teaching, learning and student support axes and institutional development, based on local and international academic standards, compatible with the mission and vision of the University and consequently, achieve overall satisfaction and harmony with the requirements of stakeholders qualifying the University to be nationally accredited.


The goal of the QAC shall be to create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of all academic activities in the University of Vavuniya.


The objectives of the CQA is to

  • promote quality enhancement activities within the University.
  • liaise with the Quality Assurance Council and the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka in facilitating the conduct of external reviews in the University.
  • assist the Vice-Chancellor in preparation of the self-evaluation report for institutional reviews.
  • guide faculties and departments in the University in preparation of self-evaluation reports for programme and subject reviews.
  • facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in subject, programme or institutional review reports, and monitor progress in their implementation.
  • liaise with quality assurance units in other higher educational institutions, to share good practices and enhance the quality of higher education in Sri Lanka.


Prof.Ambalam Pushpanathan

Director / CQA

E-Mail: a.pushpanathan@vau.ac.lk

Tel : +94 77 652 7894

Mr. S. Gnanabasharan


E-Mail: academic@vau.ac.lk

Tel : +94 24 222 3317

Fax : +94 24 222 3317