Universities are a source for knowledge, invention and innovation. Research can create useful products and services as well as find solutions for existing problems faced by the society. Therefore, the University of Vavuniya (UoV) motivates faculty members, other employees and students to engage in creation and dissemination of knowledge including inventions, discoveries and tangible properties arising from research conducted as a part of the educational process. These findings can be used in enlarging the economic capacity of the surrounding region and serves to improve the well-being of the nation.

Primary intention of establishing UBL is to support business enterprises in the surrounding region by giving consultancy services, technology transfer, finding solutions for the existing problems through research and innovation using the permitted University resources.

UBL of University of Vavuniya is established in 01st October 2021 under the directive given by the University Grants Commission’s Commission Circular No. 10/2016, dated 25 July 2016


To become the center for expertise by finding creative ideas to fulfill the need and wants for enterprises through research and innovation


Dissemination of knowledge and transfer of University research outcomes among the business community to produce new products and services for public use


The followings are the objectives:

  1. Introduce and popularize the University business linkage cell and its importance among University staff and students
  2. Translate research and knowledge from the laboratory/classroom to industry that benefits the business communities
  3. Motivate the staff and students to initiate business-oriented projects through research and inventions
  4. Develop entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills among staff, students and the community
  5. Support to startup business individual, group and institution by introducing new creation
  6. Facilitate to register and commercialize the intellectual property rights developed through University research findings
  7. Increase University-industry collaborations through training programmes, consultancy services, and innovative research
  8. signing partnership agreements with enterprises whenever necessary
  9. conducting training programmes thereby facilitating Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for students and entrepreneurs
  10. providing consultancy services to resolve existing problems
  11. providing standard services to test and standardize the products and services